Whether you prefer the timeless; elegant; soft; traditional designs, or a stylish contemporary approach, then let us help you find the look to suit your home and budget.

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Traditional Bathroom

Traditional Bathrooms

Immerse yourself in the luxury of bygone eras with the latest generation of traditional bathrooms. This is where traditional style meets modern design.

Experience the glamour of the Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco years with the reliability and functionality of 21st century technology.

Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathrooms

If your dream is for a sleek, contemporary bathroom which is luxurious to use, but also easy to maintain – visit our Tiverton showroom to find everything on your wish list.

Technology, and a wide range of designs and finishes will inspire you during your bathroom project.

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The Finishing Touches

It’s all about the details.
Choose from our range of stylish and functional accessories to add the finishing touches and complete your dream bathroom.

~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Apex 60 cabinet.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Corner basket.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Geo tap and Shama accessories.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Groove 50 mirror.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Infinity soap dish, tumbler and towel ring.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Omika basin mixer.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Phase soap dish.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Photon towel bar.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Shama soap dish, tumbler and towel bar.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Spa soap dish and tumbler.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Vanquish 50 cabinet.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Vega 50 mirror.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Wentworth basin taps and Tournament towel ring.jpg ~/images/Slider/BathroomFinishingTouches/Zoo BSM and filler.jpg
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